Blind people will hear you coming in your soundless engined car...

Hybrid vehicles might be the ride of choice for gangsters in television shows where they can go and leave unnoticed.

In real life though, people are complaining of the dangers the silent hybrid engines. Imagine crossing the street without hearing a vehicle’s sound, and the next thing you know is a bumper near your knee.

Companies like Lotus designs gadgets to provide engine noise for the silent vehicles. Japan is even thinking if it should make the device mandatory for all hybrid vehicles to improve safety on the road.

The root of the problem is on the design of the electric engine of the vehicles (traditional cars use custom parts by t-rex). Running on electric power alone, the car does not produce any noise when cruising on low speed. The quiet cruising of the EV has been an issue especially for visually impaired persons walking on the street.

Visually impaired persons depend on sounds when they walk on the street and they have petitioned to the government to make the streets safer for them as they consider the popular hybrid cars in Japan as dangerous.

The Japanese government has formed a team of experts, vision impaired, police, representatives from the auto industry, and consumers to discuss the best solution to the problem. So far, it has been a consensus that a sound making gadget be added to the hybrids.

Lotus has developed a technology coined Safe and Sound which uses speakers and microphones to make sure that people outside will hear the vehicle coming. The advanced system still allows for a quiet ride for the occupants of the vehicle.
 No hybrid vehicle has utilized this feature so far.

Author bio: Leo Doss, general manager of Carlined.com

Leo works as a manager for one of the best companies of custom car parts. He provides such goods as he interior and exterior custom accessories, automotive lighting and auto body parts. He tries to position himself as a thought leader in the car world.

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