Charlie Korman is one of the new wave in young Hollywood's music industry, a passionate, inspired and talented young musician, who relates deeply to what he writes, sings and whats he puts down on paper.

Charlie, inspired by such artists like Bruno Mars, Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash, with a mix of John Mayer and Shawn Mendes is ready to take the music world by storm. Charlie, about to release his first single, OPTIONS, is a dedication song to his realization that he wasn’t treated well in a relationship, who he was giving everything too, but the word “options” is just a word.

Its more of a meaning that he won’t waste his time and/or energy in the wrong relationship, as well as being taken for granted. The song reflects how he was feeling during those moments and the best way to express was to write “Options.”

Working with a grammy-nominated producer Kosign from Da Intenz who has worked with talents like, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Boyz II Men and many others, OPTIONS is set to cause some steam.

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Charlie (was a child star) has lived all over the country and has experienced as much of life as he can in his young age, but is so excited to keep learning. A college student at High Pointe University. You can always catch him with a note book around campus.

He is always writing down his creative at all times. Charlie has always stated he has been singing since the second he learned how to walk. Charlie was aware of his singing ability from the start, but at a very young age, he never capitalized on it, which was out of fear. Charlie didn’t have the confidence in himself to purse music, until one of his closest friends heard him singing and motived him to do something about his voice, he did.

Charlie would love to inspire others to understand that we all are human beings who go through breakups, heartaches, depression, happiness, growing, etc. Charlie’s music comes from everything he has dealt with throughout his young life. He has never written anything that is a lie and/or untrue. He hops to continue being the raw, real and honest with his fans and his music.

He wants to help those who have gone through things and that life is nothing but a mystery, but can be so powerful and make the best out of every situation. Charlie records a feeling, not a type of music, which exudes his passion that he is feeling and the lyrics.

Besides working on his craft, he loves be around the ones he loves, works out, travels when he can and the most important is trying to live a great life where he makes others happy as well as himself. He has a huge passion for animals and whenever he is faced with the opportunity to help or fund an animal welfare, organization he jumps at the opportunity. He recently went to Africa and supported the elephant walk in Kenya.

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