George Michael’s Lonely Life Premieres Saturday, June 2 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT.

Just finished screening this episode and I realized that I didn't know much about the real George Michael! Watch this documentary it is honest...but what a talented man he was...

Two hour documentary special about the incredible real life story of the pop superstar who sold more than 100 million albums over a career that spanned four decades. From his rise to fame in the pop duo Wham! alongside childhood friend Andrew Ridgeley to 10 number one hits as a solo artist in America, hear Michael in his own words recount the soaring highs and crushing lows of his life.

George Michael’s Lonely Life shows viewers the countless setbacks in Michael’s life from his mother dying to losing his lover Anselmo Feleppa and also his numerous brushes with the law resulting from an addiction to drugs.

Still, the recurring theme in his life was a remarkable resilience and ability to turn potential career-ending moments into massive career boosts and chart-topping new music. But with his life cut tragically short at just 53 years old millions of fans were left wondering what could’ve been.

George Michael’s Lonely Life features interviews from Wham! manager Simon Napier Bell, Wham! photographer Chris Craymer, friend and music journalist Lesley-Ann Jones, biographer Robert Steele, collaborator Toby Bourke, music historian Paul Gambaccini and many more.

Did George Michael's drug use contribute to his death? Autopsy: The Last Hours of…“George Michael” Premieres Sunday, June 3 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT. George Michael was one of the most brilliant performers of his generation.

In a career spanning four decades his talent for creating enduring music led him to become one of the greatest recording artists of all time. Following global fame with the pop group Wham! his solo career sent him into the stratosphere and for a time, it seemed, he was unstoppable.

But the death of both his lover and mother along with the pressures of hiding his homosexuality resulted in severe depression. Away from public view this gifted star hid a tortured soul.

A string of lurid headlines documented his battles with addiction until his untimely death at 53 years old. Now, forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter investigates what was going on in the singer’s body that caused him to die so suddenly and at such a young age.

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