How to look confident on stage, even if you don't? Is there any way to build confidence for a beginner as well as an advanced musician? Being a professional musician doesn't always mean you feel confident while playing in front of a big audience.

Being talented and playing in front of your family or a group of 9-10 people differs from playing for 50, 80, 500 listeners. But if you are serious about what you're doing and want to perform music for a bigger number of people, you have to learn to boost confidence. And we know how. No matter whether you're a young student who hires custom essays online service to do his homework on time, playing guitar or piano after classes or you're an experienced musician who already plays in a band, our recommendations will help you a lot in both cases.
So, let's have a look how to create audience engagement and build self-belief while performing on stage.

6 Secrets to Boost Confidence on Stage

Improving your musical performs depends on how good you are on stage. Audience interaction and the ability to manage the anxiety means a lot for a musician. Playing well doesn't mean being a whole with your listeners. But if you're serious about what you're doing, you have to learn to feel the audience in order to build a successful music career. Don't worry. The fear of stage or the anxiety before performing in front of a big audience is something that everyone goes through at the beginning of a music career path. You're not alone.
Before answering the question of how to overcome anxiety, let's talk about what confidence actually means. For everyone, there is a different definition of being confident on stage. But all of us know when we see a person who is fully confident in his/her skills and the ability to entertain the audience on stage. Probably, you have a picture of such person in your mind as well. Picture your favorite artist and keep that image in your mind until you feel confident on stage too.
And now let's skip to those 6 musically likes hack and tricks on how to boost your own confidence and handle stress while performing for bigger audiences.
Instant Ways to Build Audience Engagement

Even if you used to be not really good when it comes to confidence or performing well in front of other people, there are a lot of ways to beat your struggle. And here're the best of them.
1.      Fake it till you make it. You've probably already heard this advice. But not everyone understands what it really means. To fake a feeling of self-assurance, you have to be really prepared. So, prepare in advance. Be 99.9% sure in the program, which you're going to perform. But don't try to control everything. Relax and understand that stuff happens. Even if you make a mistake, it doesn't influence how talented you're. And the better you deal with it, the more confident you seem to be
2.      To build audience interaction, you have to polish your skills. The more you perform, the more professional you become. So, rehearse a lot. Knowing your skillset and material well means not bothering yourself with the ideas that you can make a mistake in the middle of the concert
3.      Have fun. The audience can clearly identify when a band or a musician is not having fun with what they are performing. And you know what? The audience ties that with the fact that a musician is not confident enough. If you want the audience to be into your performance, be into it as well. Enjoy what you're doing and have fun on stage
4.      It is not about you, it is about entertaining the audience. To build audience interaction, don't focus on yourself. Put your attention on the audience and think about entertaining them instead of playing every note perfectly. Mistakes are not so important if the listeners enjoy the performance in general. So, don't focus too much on looking perfect for the people who've come to the concert. No one is perfect. Focus on the listeners
5.      Believe that you belong to the stage. As with any other job, being a musician is your profession, your mission. So, why would you ever feel that you don't belong there if you're happy with it? Give yourself your own permission to play on a big stage and have fun
6.      Open up emotionally to your audience. Don't be scared to express sadness or happiness with your music while being on stage. Be honest with your listeners
Remember that confidence is the key to having a successful performance. So, don't hesitate and try our recommendations every time you feel you can't find it before performing in front of other people. 

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