Why Watches Are Still Loved By Celebrities

The watch industry has registered significant growth in the last couple of years. This is regardless of the fact that watches only tell time, something that phones and computers can also do.

Celebrities are among the prominent people who have a passion for watches and exchange them like clothes. Apart from celebrities, political figures such as heads of state bestow watches upon their hosts during state visits.

Also, it is not uncommon to hear stories of people stealing watches from wealthy footballers.

The question that follows is why do celebrities love watches and spend hundreds and millions of dollars on them? Here are a few reasons:

• People use watches primarily to tell time and are no different for celebrities.

Watches are almost obsolete and have been replaced by smartphones. However, fishing a phone every time you want to check time is desperate and rude. For instance, it is rude to keep pulling out your phone in a conversation to check time.

For this reason, celebrities who have to maintain a good image with the public, have to wear watches to check time conveniently and politely. Watches help celebrities stick to their busy schedules and keep time.

Watches are a must-have accessory, and people are always looking out for the watch a celeb is wearing.

A good example is Dean Winchester in the series Supernatural. People are not concerned about the weapons in the series or the actor’s dress code but on the watch, the actor is wearing.

• Watches portray a person's true character.

By looking at a person's watch, you can tell so much about them. Celebrities believe that their watches communicate non-verbally who they are to their fans and the public. Men, unlike women, have limited dress code choices and are left to switch between suits, shirts, and jeans. Therefore, watches come in handy to supplement the limited dress code and provide an avenue for celebrities to express their personality.

New models of watches that a celeb wears portrays something about him/her. For instance, a celeb endowed in a Pilot Watch from IWC depicts his jet-setter and mysterious character. A celeb who wears a Panerai from the 1950s exposes his conservative and intriguing nature. In some occasions, watches do not necessarily say about the price of the watch but about a person's beliefs. Also, celebs wear watches to portray what they are feeling at the moment. New models of watches

• Celebrities love watches because they are a sign of extravagance.

Celebrities spend so much money on expensive watches and wearing them in public portrays their lavishness. Traditionally, celebrities used flashy cars to show off. Nevertheless, nowadays cars are unpopular because they are big, dangerous, and environmentally unfriendly.

The next new thing is a watch that is portable, does not pollute the environment, and is visible to everyone. Unlike cars that are left parked in the garage, a celebrity carries their watch with them all day for everyone to see. Watches are discreet symbols of style that are manageable, unlike sports cars and yachts. Watches are an acceptable form of male jewelry.

As opposed to other jewellry such as bangles, rings, and chains that raise eyebrows, watches are suitable jewels for men. Celebrities still love watches because they are a symbol of status and style. A majority of people perceive watches as a symbol of status. Many watchmakers such as Rolex spend millions of dollars, time, and personnel to ascertain that their products are associated with prestige, status, and glamour.

• Celebs especially male ones love watches because they have a technical aspect.

The watch industry is taking advantage of the extraordinary growth in the sector to produce watches that have numerous features and complex in construction. Also, they are using technology to develop new models of watches and incorporate a multitude of functions into the watch. A watch indicates that a celeb is a member of a certain club. Majorly, the celebrities are members of the unspoken club of persons who understand and appreciate Haute Horlogerie. Celebrities are more than actors, sportsmen, musicians, and political figures who invent and inspire major trends in watches.

Celebrities are among the famous people who still love watches and are willing to spend hundreds or even millions of dollars on them. They love watches because they are a symbol of style, status, and extravagance, tell time, portray their character, and are acceptable male jewelry. Following this trend, the watch industry will continue to grow, and more technical and innovative watches will be designed. Due to the influential nature of celebrities, watches will become an essential accessory for everyone.

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