An anniversary is a time to celebrate. It’s a time to show your beloved how much you appreciate her being in your life and how the love, trust, tenacity and intimacy that you share has made for a year to look back on with gratitude that you are a couple. It’s also a time for many people to love and appreciate all the people around you that have supported you along the way.

There is a list of anniversary themes that have been created for couples who have been together from one year all the way through to 70 years which also covers the lesser known gemstone and flower themes for anniversaries which can all be found at traditionalanniversarygifts.ca

Love languages

You want your gift to show your lady just how much you love her, yet sometimes couples don’t share the same “love language” when it comes to the giving and receiving of love. There are five love languages and it makes a great conversation to find out what she appreciates best.

It could simply be that words of affirmation like "I love you" and other compliments are what she values most. She may be most affected by you making the effort to spend quality time with her, giving her your undivided attention. For some people, what makes them feel most loved is to receive a tangible gift, not because they are materialistic, but because a meaningful or thoughtful present makes them feel appreciated.

Recognizing when to help, showing your appreciation by doing them a favor is another of the love languages that show how much you value her being in your life. Maybe she’s a lady who feels loved through everyday physical connections, not only in the bedroom, but with hand-holding and kissing, without necessarily being someone who enjoys excessive public displays of affection. Whilst your lady may favor a particular love language, you should not stop using any of the others, since we all enjoy traits of the others as well.


As you celebrate the year gone and look forward to the year ahead, it’s fun to look back at your time together. Play music that you both love or that is meaningful to you both. Music is one of the most powerful stimuli of memories and emotions of times past, whether this be your wedding or other celebration.

Scents also have a potent way of reminding you of places and people; this could be the smell of a particular flower, the spices in your favorite meal or a perfume. You could recreate your first date or watch your wedding video. A trip to a much-loved beach can provide all that you need to create the happiest of anniversaries.

Your anniversary

The list of traditional and modern suggestions for anniversary gifts by year is a great place to start when looking for unique gift ideas for your better half. On your first anniversary, paper can be a ticket to see your favourite show and a ten-year anniversary, tin or aluminium, can see you on an aluminium plane to the Far East.

Your first anniversary, particularly if it comes after the emotional high of a wedding, may make you feel a bit stressed about getting the “perfect” gift for your lovely spouse. However, it’s important not to give up and decide that you “don’t do gifts”.
If you are celebrating an anniversary that spans several years, you may have photos and videos of what you love, whether it be travel, the visual arts and of course each other.

Compiling an anniversary keepsake video of the highlights is a treasure for you to enjoy as you grow old together and is a great gift to share with your kids. Remember that it is the thought behind the gift that makes it special.

A kitchen gadget is traditionally a ‘no-go’ gift, but if your darling is passionate about cooking and you know would love a piece of kit, but can’t justify buying it for herself, that is your perfect gift. It shows that you have noticed, listened and that you care. That’s a love language all of its own.

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