So wish I could visit this exhibit!! The Paley Center for Media is giving Beverly Hills an inside look at the  style of the British royal family in a new exhibition.

“The Crown: Imagining a Royal World" opened May 12, featuring artifacts from Netflix’s The Crown season two. On display will be costumes, on-set photos, videos and other ephemera from the award-winning series about Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy).

The free multimedia exhibition, running through July 29, will put the British monarchy in context of modern American politics during the Kennedy era.

Paley Center Preview

Along with Foy's acting, the costumes are the crown jewel of the show — they won the Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding period/fantasy costumes in 2017 and earned costume designer Jane Petrie a Costume Designers Guild Award.

“Designing the costumes for The Crown has been an incredible privilege, and being able to present some of my favorite designs at The Paley Center for Media is just fantastic,” said Jane Petrie, the show's costume designer.

“Season Two is all about the Windsor’s struggle to modernize at a time of great global change. From Princess Margaret’s exciting new love interest, to the Kennedy’s swooping into Buckingham Palace, outshining the Queen and her consort, the clash between old and the new, America and Britain, takes center stage and very much inspired the costumes. It’s a fascinating moment of our shared history and was an absolute pleasure to design. I just hope visitors will appreciate the exhibit as much as we enjoyed telling this story.”

THE CROWN SEASON 3 what we know so far click here

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