8 Tips on How Stay Updated On Your Retro Idols

While a lot of people dream and are eager to meet their idols, it is not that easy. It requires advanced planning because getting close to most celebrities is quite hard. If you are looking to get an autograph or meet any celeb, the following tips will help:

1. Locate them from a distance
This involves reading a lot about them from different platforms. With the current development in technology, celebrities have social media platforms where you can interact with them on a daily basis. You can like their posts, comment, share and send direct messages. In most cases, you will not get a reply but you can get a lot of information about them and get to know them more because they post regularly. This is advisable if you live from a different state or country because it is hard to meet your idol in person.

2. Follow them on Twitter
Since celebrities tweet about their activities and planned events, following them on Twitter can help you know where they shop regularly, go to the gym or dine. With such information, you can visit such places to increases your chances of meeting them.

3. Follow them on Instagram
Most social media accounts of famous people are run by publicists. However, if you pay close attention to the photos uploaded, you can get clues about where your idol spends most of his time. In addition, a specific location might be included on a post to associate the post/photo with the location. You will know about upcoming projects and events by just being an Instagram follower.

4. Search through online databases
There are numerous websites that provide information about celebrities. This information could be about visits for book signings, speaking arrangements, public appearances, film and television filming. When you get such information, you can visit the areas mentioned when your idol will be coming to meet them, see them or even interact for a while.

5. Locating them in person
To locate a celeb in person, you can visit big cities like London, New York and Los Angeles because these are the places they live or like spending their time. You can visit when there are planned events and performances although you can also do it at any given time to try your luck. Also, if you know of a place where they frequently visit, post photos of or might be, you can try your luck there.

6. Read the arts section in a newspaper
The art section has information about theatre performances, books signings and theatre performances. Therefore, if you read such sections regularly especially during the weekend, it is possible to know when the celeb you like will be performing or visiting your area. You can visit the theatre or the gallery to meet them in person.

7. Networking
Retro idols are just normal people but they are famous and rich. They usually work with other people and if you network well, you can meet them as well. You can try to network with event organizers, performers and other people close to them hoping they will introduce you when an opportunity presents itself.

8. Meet them at an event
Celebs usually attend specific events to promote brands, market themselves or perform. Hence, if you are eager to meet a celeb, you should research the planned events so that you can attend. If you would like to meet your idols in an event, attend Vancouver concerts and you will not be disappointed.

You will just have to buy tickets to the celebrity’s concert and then wait to meet them. If you would like to increase your chances of meeting them in a concert, consider paying for a VIP ticket that may include a meet or greet session. Although such tickets are quite expensive, chances are high you will meet your idol and probably take a photo.

If you are to attend a book signing, you can buy more than one book to have more time with the celeb. Alternatively, you can contact the bookstore early to know whether the line will be long, policies for an autograph or a photo and whether they will be talking to those who will attend. You will have to get as much information as possible to know how you will plan in advance.

With good planning, patience and politeness, you can meet your idol, get a photo and/or an autograph. You need to remain calm and prepare what you will say because most famous people have limited time.

Furthermore, they have a security detail which might take you away especially if you are not calm, act weird or you seem dangerous. Therefore, be calm even if you are excited and decide what you want when you meet your retro idol. You might prefer having a photo to getting an autograph when the chances of getting both are slim.

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