(The last group of people that are mocked universally)

Anger is spreading like wildfire surrounding Netflix’s controversial new series, 'Insatiable', which encourages the toxic message that women must become thin and pretty to make friends, especially in high school. With no plans for cancellation in sight, how can we teach our girls that true beauty is defined by character—instead of appearance?

“Don’t waste any more time living in a state of despondency because you don’t match up to the shallow standards of mainstream attractiveness,” says life coach Seline Shenoy, author Beauty Redefined. “This is your life and only you have the power and capacity to make it one amazing journey!”

Shenoy—founder and writer of the influential The Dream Catcher blog community—is challenging this quest for perfection. some of the important topics She addresses:

  • Poor body image and low self-worth: The damaging influence this Netflix series can have on every aspect of a woman’s life.
  • Igniting the beauty revolution: What we need to do as individuals—and as a society—to truly redefine our obsession with appearance when determining a person’s value.
  • Tips and tricks for recognizing your unique brand of beauty, embracing your power, and making your mark on the world.
  • Ten traits of a modern day “True Beauty” (TB) and how to apply these traits to achieve meaningful things in your life.
  • The “Beauty Premium:” Unspoken benefits of beauty and the toxic role it plays in the workplace.

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