Madison Daniel is a fast-rising 20-year-old singer-songwriter and actress whose roots in the seaside town of Mount Martha, Melbourne, Australia, lend her a unique sound that encompasses all genres, from pop to indie and even rock and hip hop.

Madison was first introduced to playing music by her grandfather, who shared a love of the piano and taught her how to play. Soon after, Madison picked up the guitar and hasn't put it down since.

Madison's first taste of acting was at age 13, when she played Claudia Howard on the popular Australian show, 'Neighbours,' and later went back on the show at age 15 for on ongoing role as Josie Lamb.

This was a crowning moment for the budding performer, as she recalled being told at a very early age by her own intuitive mother that she would be on the show – and she did it. Madison's other television credits include 'Winners and Losers' and playing Hugo Weavings daughter Rachel in 2017 ABC series 'Seven Types of Ambiguity'.

In parallel with her budding acting career, Madison continued to focus on music. Pulling influence from her jazz and blues multi-instrumentalist grandfather, her rock band singing Aunt, her dad's love of rock n' roll and her mum's alternative preference, Madison developed a sound all her own.

As a mentor to Madison, producer, Paul Beard, exposed the budding songstress to lessons outside the classroom and in the music industry. Beard, who has worked with James Blunt, Leona Lewis and other big name artists, helped Madison gain the knowledge and experience needed to make her mark with a worldwide audience.

Crediting life and connecting with others around her as inspiration for her music, Madison is passionate about allowing others to feel through her art. As a versatile artist, Madison's influences led her to writing songs, from sad love ballads to acoustic-rap, and with such a varying compilation of sounds, Madison wants people and her fans to feel with laughter, tears and love, when listening to her music.

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In July 2018, Madison's Australian commercial hit record, 'Love Is Love', officially made its U.S. debut by way of Spotify, and a soon-to-be released music video. The song delves into why we as human beings need to rid ourselves and our world of judgement and bias, and allow our fellow human beings to love as they wish.

The song was originally written in celebration of the legalization of same-sex marriage in Australia, an issue near and dear to Madison's heart, but its message is worldwide and certainly relevant to the U.S. political climate.

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