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It doesn’t matter whether the crime rate is up or down, crime never changes. There will always be daring heists that they got away with. And there will always be plans that the criminal mastermind thinks are foolproof, but are anything but.

Since the advent of surveillance cameras, it has become much harder for criminals to get away with whatever schemes they dream up. This is why it is so important to have home security in our own homes.

It’s hard for criminals to be sneaky when eyes in the sky are everywhere. Here are five examples of weird crimes that got foiled by security cameras.

That is the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen!

You wouldn't think that the San Antonio aquarium would be a magnet for theft. What would thieves steal? Souvenirs? Ticket money? T-shirts? None of the above. They wanted to kidnap a gray horn shark.

Security footage caught the three thieves lifting the shark from an open pool where visitors could pet them. They simply lifted it out of the tank, put it in a bucket and then disguised it as a baby in a stroller.

Luckily they got caught and the shark was recovered.

The Tin-Foil Suit Duo

The year is 2016 and two enterprising Brazilian bank robbers tried to fool the alarms at a Santa Catarina bank with a very low tech solution. Tin foil suits. Let’s be honest, they probably already had the hats.

If only they had thought about the security cameras. They were too busy making their fancy spacesuits. Obviously police were called and the two men were taken away. Foiled again? Or maybe foiled for the first time.

It’s Not Always Good To Be First

When the era of the drone came about, these four guys had no idea that they would make history. And not in a fab-four kind of way. They were pulled over because an officer suspected drunk driving. They chose to make a run for it into a cornfield.

Little did they know that drones were now a thing, and so they were spotted and earned their place in criminal history since they were charged with several crimes. It is probably an honor they don’t celebrate or talk about very often.

The Case Of The Naked Freeloader

Back in 2014, something strange was happening in Georgia city. A rash of robberies by a naked man who wore only a cowboy hat. This phantom was caught on several home security cameras. He would break in, then make himself at home drinking beer, eating and acting like he owned the place. They eventually got him, but not before he creeped out an entire community. Maybe naked housesitting wasn’t the hobby for him.

Anti-Trump But Pro Undies

People really feel strongly about their candidate. So strongly that they don’t bother to wear clothes while they set fire to their neighbor’s campaign signs. As usual, a home security camera captured it all. This guy used a blowtorch to set fire to a Donald Trump campaign sign and subsequently set fire to the internet.

Make America Pants Again! Please!


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