Today Brooklyn-based indie pop band Gamblers released the title track from their upcoming EP Corinthian Order (out September 7th). The band draws on the eclectic musical backgrounds of its members to put a unique spin on a rock and roll fundamentals.

Frontman Michael McManus is an accomplished hip-hop producer who has worked extensively with Heems (Das Racist, Swet Shop Boys) and has production credits on Viceland’s Gaycation and Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. The line up is rounded out by Gary O'Keefe (lead guitar, backing vocals, production), Boris Palacios (guitar, keyboard, production), and Evan O'Donovan (guitar, keyboard, backing vocals).

“You could make an argument that this track perfectly represents my hip hop production influence on Gamblers,” McManus says of “Corinthian Order.” “I had sampled a section of ‘Jesus, Etc.’ from Wilco, and I had the beat on my computer for a long time. Over time, I would find myself humming along to it, sort of using a similar melody as the Wilco song, but making up my own lyrics about what I was going through. Eventually I got rid of the Wilco sample, and Gary and I recreated the parts on guitar, bass, and keyboard. So ‘Corinthian Order’ isn't an exact interpolation of ‘Jesus, Etc.’ by any means, but overall there is definitely a hip hop influence on the building of this track.”

1. Corinthian Order
2. We’re Bound to Be Together
3. Heavenly Mouse Routine
4. There Was A Window
5. The Selfish Bell

The band’s striking animated video for “We’re Bound to Be Together” was featured as a Vimeo Staff Pick upon its release. McManus met the video’s director Tyler Walker at the Peter McManus Cafe in Manhattan, which Michael’s family has owned and operated since 1936. “I was actually waiting on their table and I overheard them talking about shooting music videos. I introduced myself and we set up a meeting and just took it from there, they’re really talented.”

“For ‘We’re Bound to Be Together’ I wanted to use Beach Boys level pop cliches to talk about something really dark,” McManus explains. “Most people would take the lyrics at face value, and figure this is just another radio friendly pop track about falling in love. The song is more of a wolf in sheep's clothing — it’s a representation of an addict's mind chasing a high.” Combining catchy melodies with darker lyrical content that addresses themes like alienation and addiction, the band’s approach rewards close bedroom-headphone listening.

The Corinthian Order EP is out September 7th. Preorder HERE.

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