David Nail and The Well Ravens
Release Rock-Tinged New Song
"Come Back Around"

Debut Album
Only This And Nothing More
Out On September 14th

Chart-topping songwriter and Grammy-nominated artist David Nail has spent the last decade leaving his unique mark on modern country music. Now he begins a new chapter with his collective new project called David Nail and The Well Ravens who's debut album Only This and Nothing More will release on September 14th via One Five Sound.

The project is Nail's first independent release and finds the charismatic singer reaching a new creative peak with a record that matches his adept melodic chops - as heard on #1 hits like "Whatever She's Got" and "Let It Rain" - with atmospheric rock & roll guitars, lush keyboards, drum loops, and rule-breaking arrangements. Today he released his "rock-tinged" new song "Come Back Around" which debuted on People Magazine.

Listen to "Come Back Around" HERE
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"'Come Back Around' was one of the songs we started, and then sorta felt like we had established a consistency to what we were doing from session to session," David told People. "We ended up more or less rebuilding it from the ground up months later, but initially, I think we all knew the melody was pretty solid, and the potential was endless."

Only This and Nothing More straddles the boundary between country storytelling, indie rock instrumentation, and southern twang. Nail and The Well Ravens has allowed David to expand his sound inspired not only by his country roots, but also the reverb-heavy wash of Ryan Adams, the rhythmic punch of the Black Keys, and the anthemic swell of Kings of Leon. Billed not as a solo album, but as a collaboration, he enlisted help from two longtime partners; multi-instrumentalist Andrew Petroff and producer Jason Hall.

Track List:
01) The Gun
02) Come Back Around
03) White Trash Girl
04) Cheating On Me
05) Over
06) Heavy
07) In My Head

Of the project, Billboard recently stated "David Nail - who is known as one of the more distinctive talents in Music City today - returns with one of his most musically adventurous projects yet."

Watch the video for lead single "Heavy" HERE.

Earlier this month, David released "In My Head" and spoke with Taste of Country about the song's poignant and honest origin.

Over the course of three different recording sessions, Nail, Petroff, and Hall created tracks like "Cheatin' on Me," a waltzing ballad that's retro and modern; "Over," a gritty nod to the British Invasion bands of the 1990's; "Heavy," which updates the sounds of the '80's pop/rock for the current decade; and "The Gun," the album's most haunting number, rooted in a fictional story about family violence.

The result is Nail's boldest work to date which Rolling Stone Country described as "atmospheric rock sounds that wouldn't be out of place on a late-Nineties Oasis album." With one foot planted in the organic sound of his country past and the other pointing toward newer territory, he shows off the full range of his abilities. He's a country crooner one moment, an indie rocker the next, and a diversely compelling frontman throughout. Most importantly, he's an artist following his muse, making music without rules or regulations.

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