BBC Studios are currently producing a major project about The Clash and the punk movement, and are reaching out to fans.

The BBC project will consist of an 8 part podcast series, charting the journey of the band in great detail from beginning to end. But alongside the podcast there will be three short films showcasing some of the best archive of The Clash playing live. We’re therefore looking for fans who were at the following gigs and are willing to share their memories with them:

- Roxy New Year’s Day - January 1st 1977
- Munich, Schwabinger Brau - October 4th 1977
- Rock Against Racism, Victoria Park, London - April 30th 1978
- Glasgow Apollo - 4th July 1978
- Bonds Times Square gigs - May & June 1981
- Shea Stadium, New York with The Who - Oct 12th & 13th 1981

***They’re also keen now to find fans who were at the 16 Tons Tour in Scotland in early 1980 – there’s some fantastic BBC archive of those gigs from the Nationwide programme, with interviews with the fans.***

We would love to hear from fans whose lives were changed by the band. Do you have specific memories of hearing your first Clash record – was it a big deal, hearing their music for the first time, can you remember where you were, what was going on your life, and what emotions hearing their music sparked in you?

They’re looking for interesting anecdotes or experiences which might relate to the following themes:

- finding your favourite band and feeling like you’re hearing music for the first time - finally this is something that speaks to you
- the shock of early Punk
- the look and early fashion of punk
- the experience of punk from the suburbs
- the experience of being let into gigs for free or hanging with the band
- the band influencing or interacting with politics, class, gender and race - music with a message that you thought was important
- the band transcending punk and going mainstream - for good or bad - and breaking America
- what was it like hearing that various members had left the band, or when they split up.

Please get in touch...…….

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