Detroit's Floating Post Office

The city of Detroit Michigan is one of the most popular places in America, ripe with talent and rich in history. So if so many people know about it how come the city manages to keep some things a mystery?

After years of living in the alive city, locals have come forward with a few of their own secrets. Here is to exploring Detroit’s hidden secrets and uncovering some pretty great discoveries.


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The Hidden Salt Mine

Unbeknownst to many a visitor, there is a hidden salt mine which rests beneath the city’s streets. It is controlled by the Detroit Salt Company and the massive mine is still in full operation and the produced salt from this mine is used as road salt. The company has a history that dates back as far as the 1900s which may pique the interest of many, however, the mine is no longer open to the public.

Detroit’s Bootlegging During Prohibition

During the prohibition days when substances were banned, Detroit was perfectly situated near the Canadian border which made it the perfect location to get illegal substances for those looking to buy.

Detroit became so popular in fact, it was one of the most popular spots for bootlegging liquor into the country.

The First State Fair

The first annual Michigan State Fair was held in 1849, the only state apart from New York, to have hosted a fair. The trend caught on and now there is excitement across most states celebrating state fairs in America. There is however some change that is being brought about but the fair remains as popular as ever.

Home to the First Four Way Traffic Light

Believe it or not, Michigan’s Detroit was a first city for many things in the state and another of them was installing the very first four way traffic light back in 1920 when it was invented!

S.S Kresge Turned K-Mart

Detroit’s very own S.S Kresge began a dime store in the Motor City back in 1897. As the chain grew the name changed...into K-Mart!

Detroit Owns a Water Post Office

One of the most bizarre secrets of Detroit is that it owns a ‘moving post office on water’. Named the J.W. Westcott II, it delivers post to boats near the city shoreline. Because of its functionality, it also is the one and only boat to have its own zip code.

As you can tell, there are many hidden secrets of Detroit to be discovered, from history to the present day. Everything we learn reminds us of the city’s appeal and why it is such an amazing and intriguing city and home to some of the most famous American singers and actors. What more could we ask for, we even have our own floating post office to boast about.

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