Craving a strong, head-hitting cup of espresso? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We are going to tell you how to choose the most suitable espresso maker to satisfy all your caffeine hungry needs.

First, let’s start with the basic espresso rules in BARISTA-101. Your coffee beans should be ground to a fine, but not too fine texture. Think of granulated sugar or table salt texture.

Secondly, you need to pay very close attention to the coffee to water ratio. A strong shot requires about 0.38 ounces or two tablespoons for 1/8 cup. Knowing this easy rule of thumb, multiply by the number of cups you’re making and enjoy your buzz.

Third, pick out an easy to use a machine that will give you the gourmet taste you love right at home. Did you know that espresso machines have been evolving since 1884? They came a long way and underwent plenty of makeovers to reach their current, beautiful state. Let’s taste our way up the espresso machine ladder to find you the suitable one.

1) The Mocha Pot

You know what they say, “Old is gold.” This baby has been around since the 1930s. It performs the basic task of pushing water and steam up a chamber to brew with the coffee granules, then delivers them to your top chamber when ready. The beauty of this little pot is that it does all that simply by being placed on the stove.

2) Steam Counter Machines

There are a variety of convenient small countertop machines out there. Those are quicker in the process of pushing super condensed steam through a “puck” of your ground coffee. Their price range is reasonable and are relatively easy to clean. When you want a quick espresso with a slight gourmet feel, this will do the job.

3) Semi-automatic pump machines

Don’t worry, they are not as complex as they sound. Machines like this are so easy to use if you’re a novice with no prior experience using a simpler version. If all you want is to enjoy your favorite kind of drink at home instead of rushing to your nearest coffee place, those will definitely make you feel like a barista right in your kitchen. Once you master the milk frothing option, you could make lattes and cappuccinos with your preferred strength or mildness.

4) Capsule/pod-based machines

You must have seen these somewhere, right? And no, pods and capsules are not the same things. A capsule is the very small plastic container with the aluminum cover, while the pod is a small pad similar to a tea bag. These machines work when the high pressurized steam and water run into a small chamber that contains your coffee pod or capsule. The good thing about these is the no grind, no measure, and no-hassle factor. If you want a simple, effortless coffee-making task this machine will give you just that.

With those steaming choices right in front of you; it’s easy to decide the taste of your morning. Just pick according to your preferred taste, time, and budget. Bottoms up!

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