Busy weekday lifestyles and fun, lively Saturdays can rarely overcome the feeling of the Sunday blues. Whether it’s the fact that the weekend is almost over or that you have to go to work on Monday, it’s not uncommon to feel lethargic and irritable on a Sunday evening. Maybe you were hoping to spend the day relaxing and watching television but the sense of another impending week of responsibility makes it difficult to enjoy yourself. Here are a few good ways to make the most of a boring Sunday.

Go Somewhere New

After a night out on Saturday, you might be tempted to spend the next day lazing around the house in preparation for the busy week ahead. However, simply doing nothing is a quick way to grow bored and restless. Why not research your local area and take a walk somewhere undiscovered? Go on a bike ride and see parts of the neighborhood from a different perspective. Take a drive and visit that new restaurant. By shaking up your routine of letting the day run away from you, you’ll be able to actually enjoy your Sunday.


If your usual friends and family members aren’t up for hanging out, why not contact someone from your past? Even just getting a drink with someone you haven’t seen in years can truly brighten up the day for both of you. Humans are social and even the shyest people need company every now and then.


As kids, it was the entire reason for waking up in the morning. But upon reaching adulthood, the opportunity for play is much reduced. You’re expected to work hard and only have fun during allocated times. That is part of the reason that empty Sundays can feel so disheartening; having so much you want to do but only having one day in which to do it. Plan ahead and take your friends paintballing or go bowling. If nobody’s around to join you for an activity, even simply visiting lottogo and putting your name in the pot will make your day that little bit more interesting.

Write Letters

This isn’t going to be a tirade about the perils of modern technology, emails, and texting, but writing letters can be a fun way to spend your day if you don’t feel like going out. Receiving post that isn’t bills or junk mail is always fun, so imagine how pleased your recipient will be. If you want to make someone extremely happy, choose to write to a person that might not get a lot of attention, such as an elderly relative or the middle sibling of your sister’s children. It doesn’t have to be anything profound or poetic; just a friendly letter that could kick off an entertaining back-and-forth through snail mail.

Visit Thrift Stores

If you don’t want to spend lots of money out of boredom, visiting thrift stores is for you. You can try on all kinds of outfits and make a game of who can discover the strangest items, and if you find something you like, it won’t cost too much. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something incredibly fascinating and rare?

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