Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are lending their encouragement to another worthy cause as it was revealed this week that they will support a new initiative encouraging young people to rethink their online interactions.

The BBC has just launched their 'Own It' app which will recognize if a child is about to type something nasty or negative online to another person and remind them to rethink what they are about to send. The app has been designed and developed along with input and support from many of the organizations and individuals that make up Prince William's Cyberbullying Taskforce.

This clever initiative also identifies language which suggests when a child is in danger subsequently offering advice and advising they speak with a trusted adult. As well as this vital support, the app also features a special keyboard allowing young people to record how they are feeling, offer support and give advice if their recordings raise any concerns.

Speaking of the app in a statement, The Duke of Cambridge said, "It is fantastic the BBC has launched an app which will provide support to young people as they navigate the online world. I am delighted to see this positive and practical outcome resulting from The Royal Foundation Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying." Read More

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