A considerable number of people often attend music festivals, not all of whom smoke cigarettes. In order not to interfere with your addiction and caustic smoke, you can take a vape with you, which will produce a pleasant smoke smell and at the same time help you live a few days without cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are an unusually fashionable gadget these days. Someone quit smoking with it, and non-smokers follow fashion and try to express themselves. Vaping is a fairly broad topic in which a lot of questions arise for a beginner. In our material, we will try to answer them.

Operating principle

The main difference between electronic cigarettes and conventional cigarettes is the replacement of combustion with evaporation. Instead of smoke, vapors of a special liquid are inhaled, which consists of propylene glycol and glycerin, sometimes with the addition of flavors and nicotine. The latter is relevant for those who smoke regular cigarettes and feel addicted to the process.

Soaring is often called vaping - this term has even been used not only for the process but also for the flow and even some subculture.
An electronic cigarette consists of a housing, a power source (best 510 thread battery), a control unit (buttons, display, protection systems) and an atomizer.

The latter, in turn, includes an evaporator and a liquid tank.
A vaporizer is a key component of an electronic cigarette. It consists of one or more spirals and a wick made of natural or artificial fiber. The liquid from the tank by gravity impregnates the wick and then evaporates under the influence of a heated spiral. The resulting vapor is inhaled through the mouthpiece into the lungs.

Most “electronics” are a set of a battery element (eGo, box, box mod, mech mod, and so on) and an atomizer (tank, drip and their subspecies). There are devices such as "all in one" and "kits" (sets of box mod and tank), but often they are sold separately so that the user can choose the device to his taste.

Atomizers (tanks and drips)

Depending on the type of spiral used, atomizers are divided into serviced and unattended.

In maintenance-free spirals and cotton wool are a small interchangeable part (evaporator), which is periodically (once a week-month) replaced with a new one. In some budget models, replacing the evaporator is not possible, and you need to buy a new atomizer.

Box mods

Box mod - the second (after the atomizer) part of an advanced electronic cigarette. It consists of a 510 thread battery (https://vapingdaily.com/best-510-thread-batteries/) and an electronic board, which is responsible for managing and protecting against short circuit and overheating. The name arose due to the characteristic rectangular shape of the first models and the presence of advanced soaring functions.

Most box mods operate on replaceable high-current batteries, most often in the 18650 formats. Simple models have one such battery, while the most powerful ones use three or even four. There are options with built-in batteries, but mostly these are devices of either an entry-level or, on the contrary, a top-level one.

Typically, box mods have a screen, a MicroUSB connector for charging batteries or flashing, control keys and a 510 connector.

The screen displays information about the battery charge and operating mode, the buttons are used for setting and hovering (while tightening press and hold the big Fire), and the best 510 thread vape pen is a standard universal connector for connecting the mod and the atomizer.
All box mods have different modes of operation.

Most often, it is a variant (VW, Wattage, Power) and thermal control. The first regulates the power that is supplied to the atomizer, which allows you to change the temperature and amount of steam. In thermal control mode, the user receives constant temperature steam.

For its implementation, spirals made of stainless steel, nickel or titanium are used - these materials predictably change their resistance when heated.


The vaporizer is a relatively new type of electronic cigarette that is often called the tobacco vaporization system. It is fundamentally different in principle of operation - instead of liquid, it uses tobacco sticks that look very similar to short cigarettes. It’s best to use vaporizers in the crowd of fans of the music festival.

Under the influence of a moderate (150-220 degrees) temperature, instead of burning, volatile substances in tobacco are sublimated, which are then inhaled in the form of light and aromatic smoke.

Heavy substances, among which there are many harmful ones (for example, carcinogenic resins), remain in the stick. As a result, toxicity is noticeably reduced, both for the smoker and for those around him.

If a music festival takes place abroad, be sure to check the rules of the airlines and whether it is possible to take a vape on a plane. Most airlines allow you to carry electronic cigarettes on board in your hand luggage, but this point is best clarified before the flight.

EasyJet, for example, will enable you to carry an electronic cigarette, but with no more than two spare best 510 battery in the kit. If you take liquids with you, then usually this is not a problem if the volume does not exceed 100 ml. Be sure to check in your luggage.

It is also worth noting that many vapers encountered leaks from atomizers/tanks during the flight. Due to pressure drops, clothes and personal items were stained - keep this in mind and do not fill up too much in tanks.


Liquid for electronic cigarettes is a mixture of propylene glycol, glycerin, and flavorings, mixed in certain proportions. Usually sold in small vials with a convenient pipette for refueling. If nicotine is in the composition, then its concentration is indicated on the container.

Proportions significantly affect the vapor, for example, because of the large amount of propylene glycol; it can strongly tickle in the throat, which is so appreciated by fans of ordinary cigarettes.

Propylene glycol and glycerin are almost tasteless, so fruit, tobacco or confectionery flavors are added - thanks to them, the steam has a taste.

Health, Savings, and the Rule of Law

In the smoke of a regular cigarette, in addition to the notorious nicotine, it contains about two hundred toxic compounds: carcinogenic resins, benzopyrene, nitrosamine, phenols, radioactive isotopes, etc. The basis of vaping fluid consists of safe components, and even with the addition of nicotine, the harm from it will be noticeably less than with regular cigarette smoke.

From theory, inhaling the electron-free nicotine vapor is safe, but large-scale medical research remains to be done to confirm or refine this theory.

At the same time, soaring is contraindicated in minors, pregnant women and people who have health problems, and stores do not sell devices and liquids for children. Therefore, the best thing that can be recommended in this case is to abandon the inhalation of foreign substances completely.

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