You can consider photography as the art of understanding light. Yes, you heard it right. If you want to master the craft of photography, you have to know how to utilize the light. If you can comprehend the utility of light, you can create the photo that you are witnessing with your eyes. And to understand the significance of light, you have to understand the fundamentals of photography.

Thus, we are going to have a discussion about the basics of DSLR photography. It will aid you to click the photographs of your desire. And if you want the best photography accessories at a reasonable price, you can check BecexTech Promo code and dealvoucherz.

Aperture and depth of field

First, let us acknowledge the definition of aperture. Well, the term aperture signifies the diameter of the hole of the sensor, through which your camera will see the world. The unit through which we measure aperture is known as F.

For instance, some of the aperture lengths are f-5, f-6, f-7, and so on. So, you must keep in mind that the larger the aperture is, the more light it will allow to pass. So, you have to decide the length of your aperture according to your requirement. Exposure Triangle

Shutter speed

If you want to learn photography, you cannot pass if you don't know the definition of shutter speed. Well, you can define shutter speed as the duration of time when the shutter curtain is open. Besides, if you want to measure the shuttle speed, you have to measure it in normal seconds.
In case, if you are doing your photography on a bright sunny day, you have to measure your shutter speed in hundredths of a second. In the case of a cloudy or shady day, you have to measure it in tenths of a second, and at nights, it will come at full seconds.

Well, if you want a longer exposure time, you should have slower shutter speed, and if you want short exposure time, your shutter speed should be faster.


ISO is nothing but the sensitivity of the photograph. Well, you can consider it to be a savior if you cannot accomplish the right aperture and the shutter speed. It defines the sensitivity of the camera. Besides, if you are looking for the normal ISO speed, you have to check it with your camera. So, these are the fundamental pillars of DSLR photography.

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