Lotteries are one of the world’s favorite pastimes. At some point in our adult lives, we’ve all bought a ticket and dreamt about winning a whopping jackpot. Some of us even go as far as imagining what we’re going to spend the millions on – a mansion, a supercar, and a yacht – the list is endless.

Thanks to the internet, we can now buy our Lotto tickets online! Sites like Megalotto give us the opportunity to play over 20 Lotteries from around the world all in one place, whilst with features like ‘autoplay,’ you’ll never miss a draw again, as your tickets will be automatically purchased for you for as long as you wish!

Searches for the Lottery online are gaining momentum, with time-sensitive inquiries featuring “today”, “tonight”, “tomorrow” and the day like; “Lotto Max results Friday” growing faster than ever. Between 2018 and ‘19, Lottery searches were widespread on Google and YouTube with peak search interest.

And, it’ll come as no surprise that players want the results straight away, with queries like; “Lotto results in tonight” growing 69% year-on-year, whilst searches for the EuroMillions, which is Europe’s biggest Lotto, results growing almost a whopping 150% year-on-year.

Thanks to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, search terms like; “Can I buy Lottery tickets online” are up by 300% over the last three months in the United States alone, with areas including New Jersey and Maryland the most interested. Meanwhile, queries of “How to play the Lottery online” have also gained traction in the States with a 70% rise during a lockdown.

Queries for individual State lotteries are also rising like “ca Lottery” – which is up 200%, and “Virginia Lottery online” – which has risen by nearly 170%, whilst the search term “Online Lottery games” is also up by 50%.

The US isn’t the only region of North America seeing an increase in search for the Lottery online. In Canada, the query; “How to buy Lottery online” has risen a massive 160% since March, whilst other related queries like; “Play Lottery online,” “Lottery tickets online” and “Buy Lottery tickets online” have also seen massive spikes in interest, with rises of 120%, 90%, and 80%, respectively.

In the same time frame, queries in relation to Lotto Max, which is one of Canada’s biggest Lotteries, have witnessed colossal rises. Searches for specific Lotto Max draw, like “Lotto Max April 14, 2020” and “Lotto Max March 24, 2020”, for example, have grown by more than a jaw-dropping 5,000%, whilst the query; “How to purchase Lotto Max online” is up a by a massive 4,600%.

Focusing on location, the region of Alberta has been the most engrossed with a peak search interest, whilst the Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are close behind.

Elsewhere, similar queries for the US Powerball, which boasts the world record Lottery pay-out of over $1bn, have also risen by over 5,000% since March.

So, in conclusion, it’s safe to say that the Lottery online is seeing a significant rise in popularity due to the worldwide lockdown. Is the way we play the Lottery changing forever?

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