Cool, New Bicycle Gadgets Hitting the Market In 2021

The new year will see the release of several notable cycling gadgets. Find out more about the latest all-in-one cycling computers, smart helmets and visibility solutions that will debut in 2021. Whether you ride a manual bike or are considering an electric bike for sale, such as a beach cruiser electric bike, this high-tech gear can help you make the most of every ride.

Next-Generation Bike Computers

Several activity trackers purpose-built for cyclists have been released over the last several years. More comprehensive and powerful bike computers are set to launch next year. Look for systems that roll navigation and fitness tools in with hands-free notifications and innovative new visibility and security solutions.

Most bike computers provide GPS functionality and compile ANT+ sensor readings for ride metrics. Systems scheduled for release in 2021 provide more robust technical support. Some cycling computers sync with other riders for social riding functions and progress updates and provide a suite of safety functions such as smart lighting and incident detection.

Smart Helmets and Safety Solutions

Helmets are essential bike accessories for women, and a number of manufacturers have sought to find ways to extend the functionality of this protective gear. Smart helmet designs provide impact protection for the head and neck, and most of the latest systems also feature crash sensors that can notify preset emergency contacts.

A number of the smart helmets hitting the market in 2021 have integrated features that contribute toward cyclists’ riding experiences while increasing their overall levels of safety. Look out for the latest helmet designs with built-in LED safety lights and direction indicators. Most systems come with controllers that can be mounted to bike handlebars or worn by riders for easy access.

Interior communication and entertainment features such as Bluetooth speakers and a built-in microphone enable a rider to stay connected while keeping his or her hands on the handlebars and eyes on the road. Other intelligent protective gear includes cycling eyewear with augmented reality features that is capable of displaying direction indicators, maps and performance metrics.

New Ways To Increase Visibility

Bike lights and illuminated wearables are still leading trends in cycling gadgetry. This gear is becoming more sophisticated with the release of an integrated headlight and handlebar system that boasts bright headlights and handlebar blinkers along with integrated bike computer features such as GPS tracking, turn-by-turn navigation, and a visual speedometer.

Other new gadgets that are useful for increasing visibility on low-light rides include forward-projecting wheel lights and clothing with lights that can be turned on and off. Glowing wearables such as LED vests can also be useful, and these designs now provide visibility from every direction and multicolor illumination. A number of major visibility innovations are built into bike computers or smart helmet lighting systems.

All of this gadgetry can enhance riders’ safety levels with hands-free communication solutions, directional and navigational tools and methods for increasing visibility. Keep in mind that the quality of your ride will ultimately only be as good as your bike, which should be the right build for your riding style.

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