Global CTB, A Reliable Trading Solution 
for Beginners As Well As Seasoned Traders

Are you interested in online trading? The internet provides you access to various resources that you can use to help you out. One of the most important decisions you have to make is selecting a broker. You cannot trade any instrument unless you have access to a trading platform and some tools to help. Where do you find these? This is where a broker provides you their services. You can find plenty of brokers to choose from nowadays.

Do such solutions even exist? Indeed, they do. Global CTB trading platform is one of the top choices at your disposal. In addition, the broker also seems to have a knack for social trading, which is rapidly becoming the norm these days as more and more people are joining the trading market. Nevertheless, the most interesting and appealing feature of Global CTB is the fact that it is mobile-centric in the classic sense of the word. This means that it offers its trading platform exclusively on mobile.


You can be sure that there is nothing such as Global CTB scam, and it is time to consider exactly what Global CTB can offer to you when it comes to trading. As mentioned before, this broker has geared its services towards those who are beginning their journey, which means it is easily accessible. The minimum deposit requirement that you have to fulfill is $50, which is the price of a video game. It allows investors with a small amount of capital to also get started. Furthermore, the potential of profits that Global CTB has to offer is considerably more than what you could ever get from a video game.

Trading Platform

Since Global CTB is primarily targeted beginners and new traders with their services, their aim in regard to developing a trading platform is simplicity. This doesn’t mean that they have chosen to forgo other important features. One of the prominent strengths of Global CTB’s trading platform is functionality. When it comes to downloading the trading platform provided by the broker, it is not very different from other apps that you download on your smartphones or tablets.

As far as risk management is concerned, Global CTB has given its users the option of using Take Profits and Stop Losses, which can be helpful in minimizing the losses and maximizing the profits. You can also place pending orders, which is also a plus as it helps in capitalizing on popular trends.

Account Types

If you take a look at account options, you will find that Global CTB offers mostly two account types. One is called a trial account and the other is the Live account. The trial account is referred to as the demo account as well. The purpose of this account is to help new traders in getting acquainted with the trading environment and platform that Global CTB has to offer to its clients. You don’t have to use actual money with this account as virtual funds are available. This keeps risks at a minimum. The demo account can only be used for 90 days, which is enough time for you to understand the platform and move onto a Live account.

Customer Support

The kind of customer support a broker provides is also an indication of their strength. Global CTB has excelled in this regard as well because they have provided a multitude of options. First, they have an FAQ section where you can get answers to common questions. If you want to get in touch with their customer support representatives, you can reach out to them through their phone number, email or even via the contact form.


Beginner traders will definitely enjoy the offerings this mobile platform has to offer and is an excellent choice when you are looking for flexibility and convenience.   

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