The impact of using Instagram on college students: top 6 study blogs

Every year another academic year begins. Someone will return to school desks, and someone will find themselves within the walls of the college for the first time. It is no secret that good motivation is the main driver of a productive learning process. Where do you get this motivation? As one of the options for a source of inspiration, consider the so-called study blogs on Instagram, which are gaining popularity now.

People post stories from their lives, photographs of lectures and the learning process in cozy coffee houses, photograph the architecture of cities and share student life hacks. Such blogs not only help to distract and inspire, but also provide constant contact with the English language.

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So, here are the top 6 English-language student blogs.

1. afternoonswithfaith

This blog is owned by a Singaporean girl who graduated from Oxford and is currently studying philosophy at the LSE (London School of Economics). Here you will find sunny photographs of London streets, flower shops, university libraries and coffee shops.

2. boy.study

Danny from Bristol is trying to grow with his followers. This blog is full of stationery reviews, bullet journal designs, and videos of calligraphic font options.

3. musingsofemma

Here you will find a 21-year-old girl Emma's reflections on studying at Oxford, photographs of books in cozy coffee shops and the unique architecture of London.

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Sarah, a philosophy student from Sheffield, England, shares cozy photographs of the learning process, Sheffield's architecture and the results of her simple culinary achievements.

5. studywithinspo

Brian reviews writing equipment and other learning supplies, offers many design options for various diaries, and posts captions to motivate students to pass exams. The guy also runs his study channel on Youtube.

6. booksundays

We conclude the selection of motivating Instagram blogs with the profile of the girl Imogen, who shares photos in a cozy environment: books, pastries, possible breakfast options. You can repeat her ideas, thus making your learning process comfortable and enjoyable.

In addition, there are plenty of educational blogs such as metmuseum, museelouvre, britishmuseum, nasa, iss, marscuriosity, arzamas.academy, medieval_suffering, socialistmodernism, librarycongress, nypl, etc to keep on track.

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