Barbara Lewis was born on Feb 9 in 1943. A fellow Aquarian as I have the same birthday. Barbara is a most spectacular African-American singer and songwriter (diva).

From Salem, Michigan, Barbara began been writing songs at the age of nine and began recording as a teenager with producer Ollie McLaughlin, who'd also had a hand in the careers of Del Shannon, the Capitols, and Deon Jackson.

One of the special things about Ms Lewis is that she wrote all of the songs on her debut LP (including "Hello Stranger"). Ms Lewis had an instantly recognizable gorgeous voice on the radio. My favorite has always been Make Me Your Baby but I truly love everything she has recorded.

When I was just 18 I worked briefly in a cocktail lounge/restaurant in Ann Arbor. Often after softball games players will fill the lounge with laughter and celebration. Barbara Lewis came in with the softball teams one evening. To my joy they persuaded Barbara to sing a song for the crowd. She sang Hello Stranger a capella and blew the house down. Once again I was in the right place at the right time. Lucky Kimmer. Personally, I am thrilled she wrote so many of those hits as she hopefully profits from those songs that have never left the airwaves.

In 1995, Lewis sings "Baby l'm Yours” on the original soundtrack from the Clint Eastwood\Merle Streep movie "Bridges of Madison County"

More Bio on Ms Lewis HERE

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Me-Me King said...

Lucky Kimmer is right! Being at the right place at the right time is kismet.

Great post!

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