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Hi RetroKimmer,

Hope you’re doing well. My name is Lindsay Dahl and I’m writing to you on behalf of the
musicFIRST Coalition, a partnership of recording artists and music organizations that support the creation of a fair performance right on radio. I thought you may be interested in learning more about a fight in Congress between minority broadcasters and black singers, musicians and other rights holders who haven’t been paid royalties from terrestrial radio stations for 90 years.

This week, a few Motown legacy artists sent a letter to Congress supporting the Performance Rights Act, a piece of legislation that would correct the loophole in current law that allows AM and FM stations to only compensate songwriters when a song is played on the air. This means that the singers and musicians who also lend their talents to bring this music to life – such as those who wrote the letter, including Martha Reeves of Martha and the Vandellas, Mary Wilson of the Supremes and Duke Fakir of the Four Tops – don’t get paid.

The letter also responds to claims made by the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters (NABOB). “Like many other corporate media companies, NABOB stations, owners, and disc jockeys have made millions of dollars from the uncompensated use of artists’ creative talent,” the letter continues. “To assert that now such a requirement would hinder minority entrepreneurship and programming ignores the minority artists that have been played on NABOB stations for decades.”

If you’d like more information about musicFIRST and the more than 160 artists who support the Performance Rights Act, I encourage you to visit the
Web site. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to speak with someone at musicFIRST; I’m more than happy to help. Thanks so much for your time.

Support the Performance Rights Act Today!
For decades, AM and FM broadcasters have enjoyed an exemption from current copyright law which requires satellite radio, cable radio channels, and Internet webcasts to pay a royalty for the use of music. The Performance Rights Act (H.R. 848) would correct a loophole in the copyright law by removing the broadcaster exemption to assure that all platforms are treated equally and pay a performance royalty to artists. With the introduction of the Performance Rights Act (H.R. 848), we need your help now more than ever. Please take a few minutes to contact your representative and let him or her know that you support fair pay for air play.


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