Jim Morrison 1943-1971 was the epitome of the "Rock Star" There never was a better looking more attractive rock singer before or since... sorry Elvis...

Jim was a military brat like myself and he must have caused his father great stress with his rebellious personality. No doubt as a military kid you always wonder if your teen age behavior is going to destroy your father's career.

Jim was a poet long before he attempted singing in front of huge crowds. He had a hard time in the beginning and often sang with his back to the audience.

While in college at UCLA he met Ray Manzarek and together they formed their band The Doors

There's been so much written about Jim and many speculations about his motivations and thought process. Who will ever really know what he really wanted from his life. It seemed like he lived his life for the moment as if he knew he didn't have much time... Was he a success despite himself? Maybe.

Years after he died the book No One Here Gets Out Alive was released and I read it. It came out in the decadent 80's when I was working in a big chain of hair salons. After I finished reading that book I had this urge to dye my blonde hair dark brown and got a loose perm to look like Morrison. What was I thinking?? Oh well I also had the urge to party like mad and read deep poetry too. Well... that phase didn't last very long... But I still love Morrison with that haunting voice and that gorgeous face. Here's a bit of bio

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