Monroe, Michigan's Heck Park was used in a video to promote awareness of homeless veterans
Capt. Norman W. Heck Park and its famous Monroe memorial to Vietnam War veterans may play an important role in helping homeless veterans.The marble monument and the two raised combat helicopters at the park will be part of a music video that is being made to promote the sad plight of homeless veterans.

The song, "The Unknown Man," is being produced by the Detroit-area rock band ACT, an idea conceived by John R. Rose of Woodhaven, bass player for the band and a Vietnam veteran himself. Mr. Rose said there are more than 130,000 veterans nationwide who have no place to call home."The plight of the homeless vets is a disgrace, a travesty beyond belief," the 57-year-old Rose said while helping the band set up its instruments at the base of the helicopters Saturday.

"We need more awareness, money and volunteers to help them. This is one way to do it."The video and song are being made to bring attention to the homeless veteran. Most of the music for the song already has been recorded and is being mastered for a CD, Mr. Rose said. It should be available for sale within two months, he said.

Other band members who sang and played on the video Saturday were guitarist Jason Emerald and drummer and percussionist Michael Johnson, who joined the band in 2008. The group has a strong Motor City background and offers the best rock 'n' roll music since the days of The Amboy Dukes, Grand Funk Railroad, Mitch Ryder and The MC5, Mr. Rose said.
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Anonymous said...

Great job Kimmer they need our help now thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful program and they help so many of these poor guys.

Anonymous said...

I'm a sister of a Homeless Vietnam Veteran, whom they call a "Bush Vet" as after coming back from Nam he has primarily lived back in the Woods of Placerville, CA, "Outside". After 37 years of not knowing where he has been, I found him and see him 1 time a month in a soup kitchen. I am in the process of becoming an activist and about this issue, as my brother is only 1 guy, and I know there are so many more. It is a relief to find that there are other people who know about these guys and are trying to help them. How can I help. Please let me know.
Jan Newell, Grass Valley, CA
Thank you

Anonymous said...

John R. Rose sucked, I cant believe how bad that band was
the vets deserve better than that

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