Kimmer was named after Kim Novak that fantastic actress of the late 50's and 60's. She is best known for her association with Alfred Hitchcock and my favorite of her films is VERTIGO. She was so hauntingly beautiful in that film with Jimmy Stewart. It was so real when Jimmy's character became entranced with Kim's. Everyone in the audience did as well.

My second favorite of Kim's films was BELL BOOK AND CANDLE because it features witchcraft and Gillian's (Novak) pet Siamese cat Pyewacket. Here is a little about the film:

The play was adapted successfully into a beautiful color film starring Kim Novak, James Stewart, Jack Lemmon, Elsa Lanchester, Hermoine Gingold, Ernie Kovacs, and Janice Rule. It's light entertainment, about a normal-appearing family of witches (Novak, Lemmon, and Lanchester) and the publisher (Stewart) who lives in their building. The most expert of them is the sultry, soft-voiced Gillian, who would love to be normal. One night, with Stewart in her apartment, she puts a spell on him using her Siamese cat, Pyewacket, and he falls in love with her.

"Bell Book and Candle" was filmed on a charming set that replicates New York. The movie is loads of fun. Jack Lemmon is very funny in a supporting role as Gillian's brother, a musician in the witch and warlock-laden Zodiac Club.

He uses his powers to turn streetlights on and off and to turn on the occasional woman. Janice Rule is perfect as the snobby ex-college rival of Gillian, now dating Stewart, and Ernie Kovacs has a great turn as an eccentric who is writing the definitive book on witches. Lanchester and Gingold, of course, are always wonderful, Lanchester Gillian's daft aunt and Gingold as a sort of queen of witchcraft.

Kim Novak was born Marilyn Pauline Novak in Chicago, Illinois of Czech extraction. Her father was a railroad clerk and former teacher; her mother also was a former teacher, and Novak has a sister. While attending Farragut High Academy, she won a scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago. 

After leaving school, she began a career modeling teen fashions for a local department store. She later received a scholarship at a modeling academy and continued to model part-time. She worked as an elevator operator, a sales clerk and a dental assistant. After a job touring the country as a spokesman for a refrigerator manufacturer, "Miss Deepfreeze," Novak moved to Los Angeles, where she continued to find work as a model. Wiki Story HERE


Fast Film said...

You should post a current photo of her. She manages that American elder/hottie compromise visage without looking frightening like most of her contemporaries.

Retro Kimmer said...

She looks fantastic and I posted this really great photo gallery of Kim at the bottom. Thanks HH

Fast Film said...

I guess I meant current-current. She has a Prince Valiant page-boy haircut at present.

Retro Kimmer said...

Ok new picture added

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