Finally this interview released today! Jarrod Dicker and I have been furiously emailing back and forth for weeks on this piece. We were determined to bring the real Machinegun to the written page.

Knowing Dennis as I do, I can honestly tell you that he his not a bitter ex'rocker that never got his due. He is truly a very talented renaissance man full of surprises to this day. He loves to learn and this is now a generation of continual education and Den leads the pack!

Now here is the final version of the interview between Jarrod Dicker (remember his name) and Machinegun Thompson.

RK met Jarrod at the beginning of October 2009 and noticed that he had done some great interviews with many historical rock figures like Danny Fields, Johnny Winter and more. Needless to say, Machinegun was a perfect fit for the Stay Thirsty Page.

I was struck by the design layout of their interviews and the questions were unique and not the same old questions recycled. I emailed Jarrod and we talked on the phone about interviewing MGT and Jarrod got busy. The result is a great piece on our favorite drummer Machinegun Thompson!

Read the article HERE

Thank you so much Jarrod and everyone who worked on this piece. NICE JOB

Kim Maki

The Theme song on this piece is:

Songwriter Dennis Thompson

Teachers, parents and politicians
They ridicule my wild ambitions
They say, "settle down son, live decently,
Or you'll rot in jail before your 23!"
They don't know their stuck in the past
Can't stop me now 'cause I'm movin' too fast
Presidents, priests and old ladies too
They'll swear on the Bible
what's best for you
Atom bombs, Vietnam, missiles on the moon
And they wonder why their kids are shootin'
drugs so soon
Young men fightin' for democracy
And sacrificed for mediocrity
I can't stay in one place for too long a time
I get stone bored, I go outta my mind
I'm here and I'm there and doncha know I'm free
Gotta keep movin' baby, you and me
People wakin' up, but they've just begun
To realize what needs to be done
But as for me I keep movin' on
The future's now, yesterday is gone
I never let nobody tell me what to do
And no matter what I'm gonna see things through

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