Hairspray of course was huge in the 1960's and that's why John Waters most likely named his film after it. I remember being a kid and walking through a cloud of hairspray when my mother, grandmother, and aunts were getting ready to go out somewhere. Aquanet was the hairspray of the day and it smelled just awful...

TAB was THE only diet drink of the day. It tasted like battery acid but many a teenager had addictions for the stuff. I hated it.

Liquor ran rampant on television and print ads. It was perfectly correct to imbibe in your evening pre dinner cocktail. Today anyone seen drinking alcohol is a possible alcoholic. My family had a huge olive green Pontiac Bonneville Station Wagon in the late 60's. I remember living at Ft. McClellan in Alabama circa 1968 and I could see my mother coming from miles away with that huge green wagon. Artistic ads were so beautiful in the 1960's. I don't think anyone can top them even to this day.

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