Last night I had the ultimate pleasure to meet and chat about my personal chart for 2010-2011 with celebrity astrologer Lynda Ray. I was introduced to her through my online Facebook pal Fran Doman. (THANKS FRAN!!!)

Wish I would have listened more and talked less! But she was so much on the money it freaked me out and I would launch into my side of what things were happening!. All the buzz and action with my online projects combined with my opening a new show company once more (my first since 1994).

Lynda told me what I was going to begin doing before I even mentioned it. She is really great and I high recommend that you viist her website and get a reading done for yourselves! She has many types of readings in various price ranges. I have listed her info below and I can't wait for part 2 of my reading and this time I promise to keep silent!

For a FREE section of any report, please send an email to LYNDA cosmicclues@gmail.com

Please be sure to include all your birth info and the title of the report you would like to sample. The more accurate your birth information, the more accurate the information will be to your personal chart.


Karin and Bobb said...

Wow that sounds like a great reading!
We are going to email her tomorrow!

Susan Mann said...

"Next time see if you can record it...Isn't Lynda AWESOME?! If you need/want a reading she is The Best...and you can even get a reading over the phone!"

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