James Williamson (C) Heather Harris

My friend Heather Harris did a session with James Williamson recently and her images have been featured in major magazines and publications everywhere. James visited her LA studio and she did a gorgeous job with Mr. Williamson. She sent me an autographed photo for my own collection.

I asked James last night if he minded me posting it and he said sure Kim post it! So here is this fabulous photo. At the top is Heather's autograph and notes.

Heather and Kurt (Mr. Twister) have been so kind, not mention generous assisting my efforts with this blog. Heather gives me inspiration an kindness beyond belief. Thank you Heather and thank you James for all the great music over the years....

See more on James HERE
Heather's blog is HERE


Fast Film said...

*blush* thank you. A small correction--the (white background) photo is my own favorite from the Blackstar Amplification session. The photo in the actual ads is the company's choice.


"Totally cool! I've never seen anything like it! It's the greatest montage of Rock ever put on the web and it's gonna take me a while to go thru the entire thing - 'cause I have to! Man - thanks a lot for forwarding this on - old friends, new faces - out of sonic sight! THANKS man! This is killer -"

Fast Film said...

CLARIFICATION:It's my shot, just a different choice of one by the company, which certainly is their prerogative. I would never impune Blackstar, apparently it's a terrific new product.

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