I was so lucky to get to see this film when they had a premier viewing of it at the Detroit Institute of Art Film Theater October 30, 2003. At that time I was with one of my favorite friends of all time Dan Hyatt.

The theater was packed to the rafters with rockers and fans alike. Everyone looking at each other to see if you might be "someone". The crowd was wildly dressed like back in the day. The guys looked older but the women looked fantastic in a their coolest Retro fashions. Looked like a lot of Stevie Nicks and Grace Slicks walking around the lobby.

During the film the crowd interacted with the MC5 and alternately cheered and sang along with the guys. Everyone jumped to their feet and gave a rousing ovation after it ended. Machinegun and Michael talked with the audience while Dan and I ran off to the Magic Stick for the after party.

When Machinegun arrived Dan asked me if I really knew him (MGT). So I ran over and got Den and brought him to our table where he promptly hugged me and Dan too! He signed a ton of stuff for my friends and for me... the poster and card.

On the way home from Detroit the next day Dan told me to take my poster and cards to the frame shop right then or I never would get around to doing it. So I did. The girl at Michael's Craft store picked the blue jean and pumpkin colors for the matte and it turned out gorgeous.

I sent a photo of it to Dennis and he thanked me for getting that done. Imagine that! Thank you Dennis for inviting me to that premier!

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Fast Film said...

off topic, but your line about the Grace Slicks and Stevie Nickses running around the lobby made me LOL thinking of Chloe Webb in "Sid and Nancy" screaming "Help! Help! I look like fuckin' Stevie Nicks!"

VERY cool poster.

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