Gary Grimshaw

Got a message this morning that Gary Grimshaw the very famous rock post artist is in the hospital and in really poor health. Out thoughts and prayers go out to his lovely wife Laura and his family. In honor of Gary I am posting some of my favorites of his work and a little impromptu video Machinegun and I did last fall at the People's Art Festival at the Russell Center in Detroit.

Big Rich Dorris and I were just talking about Gary late last night and are planning to put together a big story featuring Rich's vast collection of video of Gary as he worked with him for a long time too. Gary's influence will live on forever as young artists are still emulating his very unique and before his time style.

From Gary's website

If Gary Grimshaw hadn't been the poster artist for the counterculture, he could have been its poster child." --The Detroit Free Press, December 12, 1999 Michigan's 100 Greatest Artists and Entertainers of the Twentieth Century.

Gary Grimshaw was the primary poster and light show artist for Detroit's psychedelic Grande Ballroom from 1966 to 1969. During that period he also created art for Detroit's notorious rock and roll band the MC5. Currently an album cover design for the MC5's first album Kick Out the Jams painted in 1968 is on view at Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.



To All,
Today Gary MADE IT thru the second stage of the operation. Things are looking up.
There will still be a restrained diet, and IV's.
Can't keep a good man down.

Retro Kimmer said...


Fast Film said...

Convey the best wishes from art and Detroit rock enthusiasts everywhere.

LeGrim Detroit said...

Dear Kim:

Thank you for your kind words and everyone for their thoughts and prayers. Gary is doing his job now...resting and healing. He is awesome. He really responded to the good wishes from us all. He is dearly loved.

Laura Grimshaw

Dennis Machine Gun Thompson said...

Laura our hugs and prayers go to YOU and Gary too! hang in there!

Retro Kimmer said...

You're Welcome Laura we are all pulling for Gary. Many hugs for you too! Have loved Gary's work my entire life!



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