First SRC Album

One of my most favorite songs of all time is Checkmate (Milestones) by the legendary Retro fantastic band SRC. It never occurred to me as a 14 year old jumping around the living room that I would one day meet the leader of SRC, lead guitarist Gary Quackenbush. We met recently at the Ann Arbor Rock Revival Show at the Blind Pig.

Turns out that Mark Sisto is a big fan of SRC as well and while he was in town we came up with a plan to ask Gary to play with Mark on vocals for 4 SRC songs. The next thing we needed was a great bass player. I phoned my buddy Ron Cooke of (Mitch Ryder) Detroit fame but the poor guy had broken his foot cooking dinner! Damn cucumbers!

Well I didn't have to think very long to realize hey what about Jukebox (fantastic) as the bass player? I knew Box would be tired as he is constantly working or playing. Made the call and Box said sure Kimmer and we can use the Bang studio too. YES! Al King was the drummer of course we had him in mind from the git. Read Chris' Blog post HERE

Took the guys a bit of time to set up and then the session began. They started with Radio Birdman's Hand of Law as Mark, Chris and Al were all familiar with the song. I sat waiting patiently to hear Mark finally sing the SRC songs.

We were running out of time but they did get in 1 SRC song. They chose UP ALL NIGHT. SRC music is very difficult to play on the fly.

Grinned like a Cheshire Cat and blushed like a lady of scandal....

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"great pics!!"

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