Hey a whole bunch of my pals are nominated this year for the Detroit Music Awards show 2010! I am so excited... I may be able to go or might be stuck working at home. I'll beg my friend Kirk of the Motor City Blog to share film and stills. He is so generous with his images! You know there are so many cross over artists here that they should make one really BIG DETROIT BAND.... DAMN!

Art by Richard Peardon

I met the Circus Boy last summer and they were so sweet and it was a thrill to meet them at the Crimewave Studio. I had known Skid back in the day but hadn't seen him in many years. Met Michael who is just the nicest guy in rock n roll. Greasy was on the road and I finally got to meet him at Christmas time at the Helldrivers/Torpedos/Circusboy at Alvins Show which was also the second time I got to watch Circus Boy too. What a blast we had that night!

Outstanding Hard Rock Artist / Group Circus Boy
MikeJTone - Vocals Skid Marx-Bass Gary Adams Guitar Derek Murtaghx - Guitar Brian Moore Drums Margaret Dollrod - Guitar Greasy Carlisi - Guitar

Kimmer and Tino Gross

Outstanding Blues / R&B Songwriter Martin "Tino " Gross

The Howling Diablos photo: (c) Doug Coombe

Outstanding R&B Artist / Group
Howling Diablos

Outstanding Urban / Funk / Hip-Hop Recording
The Howling Diablos " Divine Trash Highway "

Outstanding Rock / Pop Instrumentalist Scott Morgan (guitar )

My friend and neighbor Scott Morgan is the nicest guy in the music business. He has seen everything and played with all the greats in the business. Scott is a master musician. I saw a photo of Scott and the Rationals and Scott was standing in front of a giant set of congas. I asked him who played those? Scott said, ME well of course!

This video was just sent to me by dear friend Goran of Jesus Loves the Stooges! Thank you Goran the SRB video is perfect for this piece!

The Rockets

Outstanding Anthology / Compilation / Reissue The Rockets, “The Rockets/No Ballads" ( Renaissance Records )

Detroit's own Rockets doing their arrangement of Peter Green's song "Oh, Well." This was a live performance in Burbank, CA in March, 1980.

Dave Gilbert - Lead Vocals (1977-1983)
John "The Bee" Badanjek - Drums, Vocals (1972-1983)
Jim McCarty - Guitar, Vocals (1972-1983)
Dennis Robbins - Guitar, Vocals (1972 -1983)
John Fraga - Bass (1977-1978)
David Hood - Bass (1979)
Dan Keylon - Bass (1980)
Bobby Neil Haralson - Bass (1981-1983)
Marc Marcano - Piano (1977)
Donnie Backus - Piano, Vocals (1979-1983)

Outstanding Blues / R&B Instrumentalist Jim McCarty ( guitar )
I finally got to shoot Jimmy McCarty from the stage at Christmas with the Helldrivers. It was mesmerizing to see this legend in person. He was so kind, hugged me and signed my cd too! Just your average teenage girl thrills!!

I will be cheering on all these very talented and well deserving musicians!


Fast Film said...

Have THE DOGS been inducted? If not, why?

Unknown said...

CLEAR GREY is nominated this year for best live show and for best rock band in the detroit music awards.... They are AWSOME

Retro Kimmer said...

Good luck the Clear Gray too! I need to go see them soon wish I had their schedule?

Unknown said...

I can call a friend who knows those guys.. Their record is on I tunes ..... We gotta get some people to vote for them Clear Grey is amazing!! They are nominated in the rock and general categories. Tell all ur friends to vote CLEAR GREY

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