Sunday, March 21 at 5P/4C
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Well we saw the guys inducted and Iggy said two things that mattered. He said and I quote " Ron was Cool and the MC5 were cool" He said it all in the one statement. It is upsetting that the 5 have not been inducted but they are ok about it. I am not ok with it but they are happy for Iggy and all of the Stooges personnel. Iggy spoke very eloquently and choked up at the end of his speak for the successful second life of the Stooges.


These guys really should have their place along side all the other greats in rock history and the 5 were responsible for thousands of bands to begin their own bands including the Stooges. There that is all I'll say on that topic for tonight. Except Iggy earned points from me because all day tv commercials were running for the show Iggy screaming Kick Out the Jams Motherfu**er Yes IGGY the MC5 and Ron are COOL

Favorite moment of the show for me was JIMMY CLIFF.

Jimmy Cliff

When Jimmy Cliff was 14 years old, a teenager approached him in a Kingston bar and asked Cliff to listen to his music.

That stranger turned out to be Bob Marley, who went on to become a reggae legend and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994. Tonight, reggae superstar Cliff joined him in the Rock Hall of Fame in a ceremony to be held in New York City.

Fast Forward to the late 90's (I think) I was invited by my friend Robin and promoter friend Bart Loeb to see Jimmy live at the Majestic Theater in Detroit. Bart produced the show and it was packed.

They had a little white reggae group from Ann Arbor open for Jimmy and though they were great... their set ended and big booming drums along with steel drums started up and Jimmy's voice blasted out on the mic from backstage YOU WANT REGGAE? WE YOU GOT IT NOW.

I made my way to the stage front and stood transfixed for his entire set. So close I could have grabbed his foot and yanked him off the stage. It was oneof my most memorable moments of my life in music.

Tonight he was just as young and clear as if it were 1972. tonight he sang Many Rivers to Cross and the crowd didn't breath while he was singing either.

My next favorite moments were by various artists sings ongs from the Brill Building songwriters and as Carole King also mentioned that other Brill Building nearby

Ronnie Spector sang I Can Hear Music which I loved totally as she is the QUEEN to me she is the 60's to me!

Homorable mentions: Singing the songwriter's famous songs

Eric Burdon We gotta Get Outta theis Place
Peter Wolf of Jay Geils sang Money Honey (Really good)
Chris Isaak another of my hunky favorites sang Don't Be Cruel
Fifi Godson sing River Deep Moutnain High Tina Turner version (never hear of her but she was great!

The musicians sang the show off to Shake Rattle and Roll

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Fast Film said...

pretty speedy (and good) reporting there, kimmer!

David Earl Stark said...

"Cool !!!!!!!!!"

Retro Kimmer said...

I enjoyed the moment where Iggy choked up and of course was thrilled to see Jimmy Cliff and the Hollies. We were holding our breath as Faith Hill sang the ABBA song that was so difficult! She pulleit off and looked gorgeous at the same time. Great show!


"Well deserved MC5"


"Sorry that cut off... Well deserved MC5 shoutout by Iggy last night. I thought his speech was right on."

Dennis Allen said...

"It was the baddest ass Rock and Roll Hall of Fame performance ever, they represented like the class guys they really are! Next!!! The MC 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Fast film said...

"And lastly, I thought that given the artifice of the entire situation, the Stooges came off as very, very honest, in their music, attitude and appreciation for such hard-won triumph."

John Shoe said...

"Ron's passing was a tremendous loss to music . Wish I could've seen the Stooges when he was still a physical part of the group ..."

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