"Jimi" Hendrix 11-27, 1942 died 9-18, 1970

Today is the 40th anniversary of the untimely death of rock legend Jimi Hendrix. Even after 40 years rumors continue as to the true story of how Jimi died. I still remember hearing about Jimi's death on the radio back in 1970. Jimi definitely was the most unique rock star/guitar player of all time. I found this story and thought I would share an excerpt of it today. Was it an overdose or murder by a disgruntled agent?

From Woodstock Story

On August 26th, 1970, Jimi Hendrix celebrated the official opening of his Electric Lady Studios in Manhattan’s West Village. It would be the last time he ever set foot in his beloved recording sanctuary; he died three weeks later in London on this day (9-18-70) at age 27 after ingesting a powerful dose of the sedative Vesperax.

Jimi Hendrix is an icon in the hard rock music vein. To this day almost 40 years after his death, he is seen as one of the most influential rock guitarists in rock history. His showmanship as well as his technical prowess remains unmatched, and despite a mere five albums, his music is a staple in the world of rock and roll.

Hendrix died on September 18, 1970 - slightly a year following his legendary performance at the Woodstock music festival, and the circumstances surrounding his death are still speculated upon. After a couple of days missing, Hendrix was found dead at the flat of his girlfriend Monika Dannemann. The autopsy revealed large quantities of red wine in his stomach along with his lungs. The official cause of death was recorded as inhalation of vomit and barbiturate intoxication.

The recorded facts paint a vague portrait of Hendrix's death, and the events surrounding the incident leave a lot of questions unanswered. Did Jimi Hendrix simply fall victim to the excessive lifestyle in which many other musicians have met their doom, or is there more to his death than meets the eye?

On the morning of his death, his girlfriend claimed to have woken up to find Hendrix sleeping normally and proceeded to go out for cigarettes. Upon return her story states that she found that Hendrix had gotten sick and was having trouble breathing. She called Eric Burdon of the Animals who they had partied with the night before; he demanded that she call an ambulance. Dannemann claims that the ambulance arrived at about 11:30 a.m. and that she rode with Hendrix on the way to the hospital where he suffocated en route.

The recollection of the ambulance attendants are a direct contradiction of Dannemann's story and claim that the apartment was empty except for Hendrix lying dead on the bed. After an unsuccessful attempt at revival, they pronounced him dead. The autopsy failed to conclude the time of death, but it was evident that Hendrix had been dead for some time before the paramedics arrived.

Eric Burdon initially claimed that Hendrix's death was a suicide, but the facts also contradict this notion. Despite Hendrix's increasingly erratic behavior and the dark circumstances present in his life, close friends claim that he was relatively happy at the time. Hendrix was found with nine Vesperax sleeping pills in his system which are said to contribute to his death.

He was a chronic insomniac who was resistant to the effects of barbiturates and would not have felt such disastrous effects from nine pills. He was also found with a pack of 42 Vesperax in his pocket which would rule out suicide. If Hendrix was intent on self-termination, it is assumed that he would have taken all of the Vesperax. Full Story HERE

Hotel's Hendrix shrine marks 40 years since death


Margaret White said...

"Sept 18, 1970 was my wedding day. I was busy all day and learned about Jimi's death at the reception overhearing a conversation between Roger and his brother. Our first date would have been to see Jimi at the 5th Dimension in Ann Arbor on Aug 27th, 1967,three months before the first album was released. I wasn't able to go because my family was leaving n a Labor Day holiday. I was able to see Jimi twice before he died. those were the best of times and the worse...Tricky Dick and the WAR and the Love Generation."

Larry Newman said...

The most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, I've had 3 friends in the past 30 years die the same way, they got too high, they laid down on their backs, they puked and they inhaled the fowl stuff and died...that simple...what a waste!

Kristy Hilton said...

"I like what Larry said because I believe he is right. Alot of good, talented people die too young because they got too high, lived in the fast lane, burn out not fade away like most of us do, who live a healthier lifestyle."

Exiles 800 said...

Those who quickly dismiss Hendrix as being another simple choking on vomit overdose case haven't acknowledged the evidence. The autopsy found Jimi to have a 3.9mg percent of blood barbiturate level. This was a knock-out dose which means he was passed-out. The attending physician at St Mary Abott's Hospital, Doctor Bannister, said Jimi had "bottles worth" of wine flooding his lungs and stomach like he had never seen in his medical career and that instead of choking on his vomit Jimi had drowned in red wine. This was forensically incompatible with the miniscule 5mg/100ml blood alcohol content registered at the autopsy. Since Jimi could neither have only a 5mg/100ml blood alcohol content while having what a medical doctor determined was "bottles worth" of wine in him, nor have drank that wine while passed-out with a 3.9mg barbiturate blood level dose the forensics clearly indicate murder.

In 1973 Michael Jeffery, Jimi's MI-5 manager, confessed to Hendrix road crew member Tappy Wright that he had murdered Hendrix by pouring wine down his windpipe. Jeffery died a month later in a strange mid-air collision.

Hendrix died right at the time he was firing Jeffery and tracing his stolen money to some very sensitive offshore Bahamian CIA banks.

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