Today we have a guest post from Michael Davis the Legendary Bass Man of the MC5 and Destroy All Monsters.

From Mike:

Your band can help Music Is Revolution! The new school year is starting and we need to help teachers bring music education to kids everywhere. How about asking audience members to throw money onstage during a song? Tell them that you are supporting the Music Is Revolution Foundation raise money to keep music in the schools. Ask a friend to come up and collect the money thrown and announce the total that will be sent to the foundation.

Tell your audience that no amount is too small - every penny that you collect will go directly to a classroom - and that they will be able to read about it at music is revolution You can email us at info@musicisrevolution about how to send the money and how to get some cool stuff for your band for helping out. If you are looking for an excuse to cover Kick Out The Jams, then you can make that your money throwing song - be my guest. Mike


Pogo Rey said...

"Yes, Music is Revolution...................."

Mitch Wilcher said...

"Always has been!"

BIG RICH said...

Hi Kimmer,

Like Michael Davis' approach! He always was a COOL Guy. KICK OUT THE JAMS & Throw MONEY!

have more Scott Morgan unseen Video to sort. Peace, B Rich

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