Brian and Kimmer

Brian met Kimmer at Mario's in Troy last Saturday.... I caught him shooting his camera at me so I got him first... For a shot by an unknown photographer and no flash, it came out kinda cute.

Brian has a lot of Detroit rock history..... I remember seeing Bogart around back in the fun times where bands played everywhere.

My favorite song is "Oh Sweet Alice" Brian gave us some info on that tune....

Oh Sweet Alice Recorded a while back Rick Fortner wrote and played all Guitars, JC (Joey) Ballard on Bass and vocals, Fred (Rocky Diiacovo ) on Drums, Brian B on Lead Vocals (BB)lan to go out and do 


TRYING TO IGNITE THE SOUL OF THE CITY THROUGH WORDS AND MUSIC!!! Brand new Project in the works New CD should be getting mastered soon! with new band ( SLAVES OF ILLUNINATI ) Now UDetroit is Detroit's The D's Very own and much much cooler Online Band Profile Pages Artists can Upload Music and Photo's " I Want to Support Detroit Artists " (BB)

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Dee Gilbert said...

I Love this band and they are all such great talents and friends! Slaves of Illuminata ROCK! Gilbert wrote a song on the CD with fabulous guitarist Joe Memmer! LOVE EM! LOVE EM!

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