Peter Max is a multi-dimensional creative artist. He has worked with oils, acrylics, water colors, finger paints, dyes, pastels, charcoal, pen, multi-colored pencils, etchings, engravings, animation cells, lithographs, serigraphs, silk screens, ceramics, sculpture, collage, video and computer graphics. 

He loves all media, including mass media as a "canvas" for his creative expression.
As in his prolific creative output, Max is as passionate in his creative input. He loves to hear amazing facts about the universe and is as fascinated with numbers and mathematics as he is with visual phenomena.

 "If I didn't choose art, I would have become an astronomer," states Max, who became fascinated with astronomy while living in Israel, following a ten-year upbringing in Shanghai, China.

"I became fascinated with the vast distances in space as well as the vast world within the atom," says Max.

Peter's early childhood impressions had a profound influence on his psyche, weaving the fabric that was to become the tapestry of his full creative expression.

Here is a very fun video with the charming Randy Newman sings the background theme.
Enjoy it HERE


Douglas said...

I used to wear Peter Max print t-shirts and sweat shirts back in the '70's. Never went out of style."

Mortichia said...

"Picked up a signed Peter Maxx lithograph at a garage sale in St. Petersburg for 50 cents! It's gorgeous, a drawing of a small man on a horse standing a big cliff. It's very "Native American" looking and inscribed to "Big John" from Peter. A cool thrift score for sure!"

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