It was about 1966 and I was 10 years old that birthday. My mom took me to buy my present and all I wanted in the world was "Sock it to me Baby" by Mitch Ryder. My mom thought I might rather have the Beach Boys or Herman's Hermits. NO WAY I wanted "Devil with a Blue Dress" and "Shake a Tail Feather" and "Little Latin Lupe Lu".

I got it and she bought me the other records too! Mitch Ryder is the soundtrack of my life!
Born just outside of Detroit, Michigan in the late 50's I grew up listening to CKLW am from Canada. My first record I ever heard that made me jump to me feet and shake it was MITCH! You better sock it ...to me baby sock it!

Here thanks to YOU TUBE is the man in action.

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