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I began looking at the possibility of getting SRC to reunite two years ago when I had a house guest from Australia named Mark Sisto (vocalist of The Visitors). Mark is from Detroit but transplanted to OZ. He is the world's biggest SRC fan. Mark wanted to meet Gary Quackenbush.

I had just met Legendary guitarist Gary Quackenbush and so... for fun... we got Gary, Mark, Chris Box Taylor, Al King and Kimmer to film an impromptu session.

We ended up with one video of "Up All Night" and one cover of Radio Birdman's "Hand of Law" You can see them on Retrokimmer's Youtube Page if you like...

Steve Lyman

We met Steve Lyman next and began having long discussions about the history and legacy of SRC. Then a few weeks later... Patti Quatro introduces me to Scott Richardson. Through Scott I met Glenn Quackenbush keyboards and arrangements too. I purposely stood behind Glenn to film last night. I wanted to watch him play. Glenn really was fabulous.

Scott Richardson band leader/vocalist/songwriter

Scott has had a vast career since SRC broke up. He went to Hollywood, became a successful author and screenwriter. Scott married Robert Mitchum's daughter and that was a huge education for him as he will tell you! He wrote books, produced films and much much more...

Richard Blondy's Photos of SRC from last night are fabulous!

The show itself was just so much fun... Haven't heard those songs live since I was in the 8th grade. I did shoot 2 songs before the video police made me stop.... Got some great photos and we had 3 other great photographer friends of mine there as well. So check back to this story as I will add more photos this week.

Set List of SRC Gig

Set List of Concert:

Bad Az Shuffle
I'm So Glad
Who is that Girl
Get The Picture
After Your Heart
One Simple Task
Eye of the Storm
Up All Night
Midnight Fever
Black Sheep
Hall Mt King/Bolero
Gypsy Eyes

Eliza Green the Shimmie Queen

Here are a few Retrokimmer fans that I finally got to meet in person!

Kimmer and Alan Goode

Kimmer and pal Joe Ruffner

Dave Evans (thanks for the tshirt) with Kimmer

Kimmer Facebook buddy Gerald

Jerry Kimmer and Skid Marx

Kimmer Cathy Stoner Carrie Marx

Eric Rasmussen my first RK fan!

Rick Mills and Kimmer

I'll load the rest of my out-takes on Facebook later ok? Had a gas not a show to miss so grab your tickets early for the SRC Saginaw gig!


Cathy Przybylski Stoner said...

It was great meeting you in person! You looked awesome! Sorry I couldn't have gotten there earlier, but I actually made it! We will talk again soon! Hope that positive attitude is still with you! Talk any time!!

Jim Nash said...

Thanks for keeping the spirit of Detroit/Ann Arbor rock alive. I really enjoyed your SRC @ Magic Bag videos. The Quackenbush brothers sounded better than ever. My band from 1969 - Half-Life - has a track on the A-Square compilation CD that came out in 2008. We sent Jeep Holland our tape in 1969 and in 2008 it surfaced on that CD with SRC on the cover. Amazing and a total surprise. Our CD track got a positive review from Rolling Stone writer David Fricke, who called it a night at the Grande packed into two and a half minutes. If that review would have happened 40 years ago it would have changed our lives.

Take care and stay alive with the MC5.

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