Received a note from a fan of my video that I made with The Rationals cover of "Hold on Baby" The comment was an opinion regarding the original "Hold on Baby" done by Sam Hawkins...

Original of course by Sam Hawkins on the Blue Cat label, May 1965. The Rationals covered it for Cameo in 1967. I wouldn't be without either version! This remake isn't bad, either. MikeBlitzMag

Scott and The Rationals reunited in the 1990s to record this song again. Drummer Bill Figg was absent so the lineup was:

Scott Morgan
Terry Trabandt
Steve Correll
Johnny Arizona

I really really like the Sam Hawkins version of Hold on Baby as it is perfect 60's soul. But for my money Scott Morgan's voice adds grit and intensity to the songs he covers. Scott told me yesterday that what the Rationals would do is find a song they wanted to cover. Then strip it down to it's basic form and then rebuild the tune to their taste. Works for me! xxooK

Hold On Baby
Written by Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich
First release Hold On Baby audio single 1965

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