Dick Wagner and business partner Suzy Michelson

Kimmer got an email today from Suzy Michelson Dick Wagner's business partner out in Arizona. Suzy sent this message to me:

Hi Kim,

How you doing, girl? Hope all is sweet in your life...

We have confirmed Dick for two dates for live gigs in Michigan in NOVEMBER.... His first time playing live in four years!! So of course, he has to come back to Michigan to do it!

NOV 11 at the Magic Bag in Ferndale

He's excited, and playing a lot to get ready. :-)) He's got great back up: Donny Hartman as guest star, Ray Goodman, and the Soul's Journey band. In fact, Prakash John will probably (not definite yet) sit in also at the Magic Bag!! Yay, he's a monster talent...

So here's our update: Dick and I will be in Michigan starting around 1st of Sept. We'll be rehearsing in Saginaw from around Sept 2 to 8th. Then we will be in Detroit from Sept 8 for a few days and then back to Saginaw for the gig at White's Bar on the 17th.

Can't wait to meet you!!!

Big hugs,

Looks like I will be able to work with Dick and follow him around with my cameras. How exciting. Stay tuned and I will be doing a lot of stories on all the projects Dick has going in Detroit. I talked him today and I can't wait for the fans to see what is up for the end of August into September... Mr Wagner is such a a charming man and brilliant Maestro of Rock guitar... See you soon Suzy and Dick! xxooK

Here is a a video opf "She Said" that I made for Dick....


jefecita said...

Kim Maki rocks big time!

Retro Kimmer said...

oh thank you JEFECITA! I must know you!!

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