Linda is finally penning her autobiography set for release in 2013... Boy does this girl have a lot of rock n roll history to share... I can't wait to read this story... Ms Ronstadt is perhaps the most successful woman vocalist ever in American Music... She defied all categorization and definitely marched to a "Different Drum"

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There are so many aspects of Linda's lifetime that interest me. Her choice in recording, her heroes, her family and of course all of the fantastic boyfriends too.... She never married and that in itself is a very brave choice for her time... Here is my favorite Linda Ronstadt song... "Don't Know Much" with Aaron Neville

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Linda Ronstadt: Most Successful Woman Singer

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Mortichia Pippenshmooze said...

There are so many good books coming out! I hear Kate Moss is gonna write a book, too. And there is rumor of a Suzi Quatro book though I can't find that anywhere.

Retro Kimmer said...

ok word from Patti Quatro is that Suzi did her book 2 years ago and the Quatro sisters are doing a companion bio to go with their new Pleasure Seekers Cd and Vinyl

Thanks Patti! <3

Susie Forbes said...

I read a Suzi Quatro autobiography. I thought it was okay. I'm reading a biography of Laura Nyro right now. It's very good and interesting. She opened the music industry doors for many other female vocalists/songwriters like Joni Mitchell, Carol King and others.

jeunesse said...

This is so sad. Can't wait to read her book.

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