Kim and Scott

it was supposed to be a demo for jackie wilson but hdh decided to release it themselves.

the velvelettes hit was needle in a haystack. i saw them lip synch it at the saline farm council grounds. really saying something was covered by banarama.

dave marsh from cream and rolling stone turned me on to this song. i sang a verse on his satelite radio show in new york. when i went to the music awards in detroit i somehow ended up in the miracles dressing room with bobby moore and sylvester potts from the contours. i had to sing it again. maybe i should just record it. seems easier.

Kimmer loves the Tempts and Supremes version of I'll Try Something New"

freda's big hit was band of gold. this was the follow up. i had never seen a motown artist do the robin seymour show in faded jeans. things were changing. we saw the moby grape play live on that show. no one did that. that was about the time we refused to wear pancake makeup and lip synch.

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Jon Campbell said...

Ya know, everytime I see/hear a bunch of Scott's picks, I know why I dig HIS music so much--His picks could have come straight outta my collection of 45s. I'd say it's 'cause we're both from A2, but my collection was built mainly when I was a kid in Pittsburgh...Great minds, I guess. GREAT POST KIM!!!

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