Deniz Tek Photo: Anne Laurent Montana Dec/2010

Here is a painting of Bells Beach in acrylic on canvas. I painted this in the snows of Montana, from a photo and memory, while longing for that elemental water and light.

Deniz Tek's painting of Bells Beach (SOLD)

On the south coast of Victoria, a couple of hours drive from Melbourne, is a beautiful string of beaches along the Great Ocean Road heading west. One of the first ones you get to is Bells Beach.

To get there you drive through Geelong, which is kind of like a mini-Detroit of Australia. They have car factories and heavy industry. It's economically depressed. It is the home of many great hard rock bands including Dave Thomas' Bored. I have played there many times with both Radio Birdman and solo, mostly at the Barwon Hotel, and it's always a riot. The crowds are drunk, stoned, dripping with sweat, wild.

They do whatever they want. There is always a lot of yelling and screaming ("when yaz f'in goin off mate f'in book em danno when ya gonna f'in play New Race?? Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!") This attitude can provoke the band into an over-the-top performance, and everyone goes home exhausted or passes out wherever.

Real photo of Bells Beach

For you Detroiters reading this, note that in Australia they still build Falcons! The black car in Mad Max was an early 70's XB Falcon. They built some fire breathers in the late 60's through early 70's, culminating in the ultimate 71 GTHO Phase III Falcon which had a Cleveland 351 V8.

There was going to be an even more awesome Phase IV, until the Australian government banned extreme high performance engines due to a growing number of road deaths. (this being typical of the "nanny state" public policy one often encounters there) Of course, the road deaths increased... it's not the car, or the gun for that matter; it's what you do with it.

 Pop 48x70

The Australian car industry also built a great version of the Charger. It was built on the smaller Barracuda pony car frame, the fastest version being a 265 6 cylinder hemi with a six pack: 3 Weber carbs. I am told that the fastest accelerating stock Aussie car of all time was the'72 E49
Charger R/T, 14.4 quarter mile, pretty amazing when you consider the little engine.

GM (Holden) made an Aussie muscle car called the Monaro, but I have not driven one and dont know much about them.

OK enough about cars.

So, driving out of Geelong, then you get to Torquay which is a little surf town, then there is Bells Beach. Further on is Lorne. The water is cold but totally clear and the light there is special.

*NEW* Bucket of Eels 11x14

Bush Fire

Chamomile Flowers
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