Michael Imperioli with Kimmer!!

OK OK OK everyone knows that Kimmer is a huge SOPRANOS fan and guess who was in Detroit last night?? Michael Imperioli the actor who played Christopher Moltisanti on The Sopranos!!!! Thanks so much to photographer and pal Larry H Leitner! Thanks for getting the tough shots for me!!

I even heard a fan tell Michael that Tony Soprano was wrong to kill him off in the SUV like he did!!! LOL How exciting to see Michael in person. He was so gracious and patient with his many fans...(myself included)

Rick Ruiner Michael Imperioli and Nina Friday

Rick Ruiner lead vocalist of The Ruiners.... invited Kimmer to the VIP party and we were so happy to come out to support Them! I tried for a week to obtain a photo pass.... Heard the Fillmore was a tough venue to crack but finally Wednesday morning I got a hold of Joe Gough and then Kimmer was dialed in!! Thank you Rick and Joe!

I had not been to the Fillmore in Detroit.... when it was the State Theater yes back in the day yes.... It is still a gorgeous theater.. It was so much fun to see my readers and friends there! It was a crazy room! I was trying to shoot photos of the attendees and Ovation members but it is was just too mobbed.

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Here is a little clip of Motor City Rising's Director Bobby Sheehan... wait till the very end and see Michael Imperioli..... :)

Stay tuned to Retrokimmer for more news on the schedule for Motor City Rising..... You are going to love this!! xxooK

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